What is the Cabbage Diet?

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The Cabbage diet, or cabbage soup diet as it is more commonly known, is a radical 7 day diet where you limit yourself to a strict diet focusing on a low calorie cabbage soup. The cabbage diet is designed specifically for short term weight loss and requires no long term commitments and there is no risk of going hungry as dieters are encouraged to eat as much cabbage soup as he or she desires.

There are some variations on the diet itself but a general 7 day plan looks something like this:

Drink as much water as you like (at least 4 glasses a day) and even fruit juice (with no added sugar of course) is ok on days when you can eat fruit.

  • Day 1 – No Bananas today but as much Cabbage soup and as much fruit as you like
  • Day 2 – Indulge with a jacketed baked potato with some butter if you like, plus of course Cabbage soup plus vegetables!
  • Day 3 – No Bananas or potatoes today, but enjoy some Cabbage soup plus fruit.
  • Day 4 – Missing Bananas? You can eat up to 8 bananas today and as much skimmed milk as you like! Oh, and of course cabbage soup!
  • Day 5 – Enjoy up to 10 ounces of beef and six tomatoes today! Fill up on the old Cabbage soup too!
  • Day 6 – Eat as much beef and veggies as you like today (no potatoes though, sorry) and good old Cabbage soup
  • Day 7 – Brown rice and veggies (still no potatoes) and unsweetened fruit juice. And a last dose of Cabbage soup too, of course!

What is the Cabbage Diet

If you are thinking of undertaking a cabbage soup diet then please consult your doctor to ensure it is a good fit for you, plus it always helps to let your doctor know when you plan to take on radical diet changes! If you have the go ahead from your GP then make sure you have a good cabbage diet recipe as some of the older low-calorie filler type recipes were not substantial enough as a dietary staple. Since it’s birth in the 1980’s the cabbage diet recipe has undergone some changes that account for the missing protein and some recipes now include more diary and protein shakes and also reduce sodium in the diet.

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