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Hello and welcome to Cabbage Diet (.info), we are the unofficial home of the radical 7 day cabbage soup diet plan! If you have a high school reunion next week or if you just want to fit into your old pair of jeans for the party next week the cabbage soup diet may be a good option for you! The diet plan, whilst not suitable for long-term weight loss, is a high-fiber, low fat diet that can give you a real kick start to your long term weight loss goals.

Look amazing after just 7 days

The Cabbage diet has worked for many people at many different weights! It really works! Just follow the diet exactly and in 7 days you can be feeling better about yourself and you will be ready to start your new eating plan to keep the weight off!

 cabbage diet

Don’t plan on eating out for the next week if you undertake this cabbage diet because most variations of the eating plan feature foods you probably won’t be able to buy in any restaurants. First of all, you will be eating a lot of cabbage soup, for many that undertake the challenge this factor alone is the hardest part as the soup can be bland and becomes less and less appealing as the week draws to a close. If you can push through this soup-hatred the benefits and short duration can really make this an ideal short-term diet solution.

Fruits and vegetables can also be consumed but are strictly regulated, particularly with limitations on Bananas and potatoes, but both can be consumed on certain days of the eating plan. Allowed beverages vary depending on the individual diet plan but water is always encouraged (at least 4 glasses per day) and unsweetened tea and fruit juice are also sometimes permitted.

A few things to consider when starting the Cabbage Diet:

  • Contact your GP/Doctor and discuss it with them first. Some people have reported decreased concentration, light-headedness and general weakness after taking the diet (no one complained about the results) so it is important that your Dr knows what you are up to and can advise accordingly.
  • Make sure you have a good recipe and cabbage diet plan. Some older plans lack the necessary protein for a dietary staple; some new plans have included protein shakes and more diary to counter this.
  • Make sure you eat enough! Most Cabbage Diet plans won’t have limitations on the amount of soup you can eat so you can really go to town. Make sure you don’t do any exercise that is too strenuous during your diet either, some exercise is fine but remember that you are on a very low calorie diet!

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